Applying Method and Performance Comparison of Honeywell Warm mixed Additive in SMA Asphalt Mixture

SONG Xiaojin, FAN Liang, LI NJiangtao, LI Yongzhen


Based on SMA 13 asphalt mixture,the pavement performance of a kind of organic warm mixed additive in dry and wet process was evaluated,and compared with that of SBS asphalt mixture. The experimental results show that the warm mixed additive can be used as a modifier to give larger modulus and higher temperature viscosity,keep the stability of visco elasticity structure in 30~65 ℃ranges,and reduce the temperature sensitivity of neat asphalt. In dry method application,after the surface pretreatment of basalt particles,this warm mixed additive can effectively improve the cohesive grade between neat asphalt and aggregate. By using the same production temperature of neat asphalt,the SMA mixture with 03% warm mixed additive production in dry process can meet the requirement of the modified asphalt mixture,get the pavement performance close to that of SBS asphalt mixture,and achieve a warm mixing effect.



Keywords: warm mixed additive,  asphalt mixture,  warm mixing effect,  asphalt cohesive grade,  pavement performance

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