Control Strategy of AFS Based on Estimation of Tire-road Friction Coefficient

ZHOU Bing, TIAN Chen, SONG Yitong, VVU Xiaojian


Considering the impact of tire-road friction coefficient on the yaw motion of vehicles, an active steering control strategy based on the estimation of tire-road friction coefficient was designed. In order to obtain the real-time tire-road friction coefficient, observer was established based on the Unscented Kalman Filter theory, and the co-simulation method with Carsim and Simulink shows that the Unscented Kalman Filter observer is effective. Based on the control of conventional active front steering, a sliding mode controller was designed addressing the tire-road friction coefficient as the input. The simulation analysis by Simulink shows that the sliding mode controller can improve the stability of the vehicle handling and the i-deal trajectory tracking ability on slippery and opposite roads.



Keywords: active front steering, unscented Kalman filter, friction coefficient, state observation

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