Study on Field Measurement of Wind Properties near a Canyon Deep-cut to Hilly Land

ZHANG Zhitian,TAN Buhao,CHEN Tianle


  Based on the data obtained from a tower and a local meteorological station, the wind properties at the Jiangdihe Bridge site, located at a deep-cut valley,were investigated. According to statistical data processing, the mean wind properties, wind directions, turbulence integral scales, as well as wind spectra were obtained. The results show that the deep canyon terrain in which the bridge is located plays roles in locking the wind direction and accelerating the wind speed, and shows obvious influence on the turbulence characteristics. The relationship between the turbulent intensity and mean wind speed was obtained by fitting with inverse example functions, resulting in good fitting effect and high wind speed close to the standard value. The vertical turbulence intensities are much higher than those values specified in the China wind-resistant design specification for highway bridges. The wind spectra from the measured wind are quite different from the Kaimal spectrum, but in good agreement with the von Karman spectrum. The wind spectra of the vertical wind fluctuations are obviously larger than the Panofsky wind spectrum, but close to the von Karman spectrum. The measured across-wind spectra are quite close to both the Panofsky spectrum and the von Karman spectrum.



Keywords: deep-cut canyon,  mean wind speed,  turbulence intensity,  turbulence integral scale,  power spectrum density of turbulence

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