OPF Solution by the Hunger Games Search (HGS) Algorithm

Hasanain T. Kadhim, Nasser Y. Majed, Zuhair S. Al-Sagar


Optimal power flow (OPF) is a significant problem in electrical engineering. The optimization method of the Hunger Games Search (HGS) algorithm was presented in this study, which finds the OPF under different case studies. These cases include reducing the total fuel cost, minimizing power losses in transmission lines, reducing the amount of pollutants generated by units, and minimizing voltage variation at load buses. MATLAB software was used to test the suggested algorithm using the IEEE 30-bus power system. The findings indicate that the suggested algorithm was effective in accomplishing the goals of obtaining a reduction of 11.30% in the use of fuel cost, a reduction of 46.90% in power loss, a reduction of 88.11% in voltage fluctuation, and a reduction of 3.38% in pollutants while simultaneously satisfying all of the restrictions. We compared the used and published optimization methods. Finally, the HGS presented good performance in terms of power loss and fuel cost compared with other techniques.


Keywords: Hunger Games Search, power flow, fuel cost, emission, power system, MATLAB.



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