The Role of Destination Image in Building Coffee Business Development in Central Aceh through Tourism Packages, Attraction, and Tourist Consciousness

Nasib, Wily Julitawaty, Muhammad Reza Aulia, Ahmad Rizki Harahap, Adelina Lubis


The aims of this study are 1) to analyze the role of the destination image in mediating tour packages for the business development of Gayo Arabica Coffee, 2) to analyze the role of the destination image in mediating attraction towards the development of the Gayo Arabica Coffee business, 3) to analyze the role of the destination image in mediating tourism awareness tourism on the development of the Gayo Arabica Coffee business. The approach in this study is to use a research approach that is descriptive and quantitative in nature. The population and sample used were 200 tourists visiting Central Aceh Tourism during the early 2023 period. The data analysis used in this study is using a Structured equation model (SEM) based on Partial least squares (PLS). The results of the study prove that 1) the destination image has a significant role in mediating tour packages for Gayo Arabica Coffee business development, 2) the destination image has a significant role in mediating attraction for Gayo Arabica Coffee business development, 3) the destination image has a significant role in mediating tourism awareness tourism on the development of the Gayo Arabica Coffee business. Furthermore, scientific novelty, namely the development of the Goyo coffee business, has not been studied empirically, especially the role of the destination image. The implications of the findings of this study indicate that the development of the Gayo Arabica Coffee business is still carried out partially between coffee farmers, tourist destination managers, and the government. Therefore, the innovations carried out by each party do not support each other's contributions in the development of the coffee business in Central Aceh.


Keywords: agrotourism development, tour packages, attractiveness, travel consciousness, destination image.

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