The Analysis of Indonesian Regional Websites with SEO Methods

R. Dewi Agushinta, Suryadi Harmanto, Adang Suhendra, Irwan Bastian, Vikri Alif Putrananda


Regional websites are a crucial element in the systematic implementation of e-government development through realistic and measurable stages, which leverage information and communication technology (ICT) to enhance interconnectivity between the government and stakeholders. In Indonesia, the websites for the regions of West Java, DKI Jakarta, and Central Java rank highly on Google when searching for "regional website." Therefore, to identify the advantages of websites in these regions, a search engine optimization (SEO) analysis was conducted using White Hat techniques to test six variables related to Meta Tags. Additionally, an analysis using Black Hat SEO such as,, and was performed to identify any illegal techniques. The result showed that the website outperformed the other two, ranking 3,305th globally and 72nd in Indonesia. However, it received a less-than-maximum score of 25/30 in the White Hat SEO category due to the absence of a Meta Description, with no illegal method detected in the Black Hat SEO analysis.


Keywords: e-government, website analysis, black hat search engine optimization, white hat search engine optimization.

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