Information Management Model for Short-Term Planning in Technological Universities

Yolanda Marysol Escorza Sánchez, Tirso Javier Hernández Gracia, Héctor Eduardo Mendoza Espinoza


The objective of this research is to propose an information management model for short-term planning carried out by the Technological Universities of the state of Hidalgo, which facilitates compliance and alignment with strategic planning; in order to address areas of opportunity related to the disconnection between the objectives of operational projects with institutional, state and national strategic objectives; where the assignment of resources to these projects is generalized; which causes delays in procurement and failure to meet the goals and achieve the objectives. The DEXPLIS methodology is used, which in its initial phase allowed the collection and analysis of quantitative data through the ANOVA statistical method; for the second phase, through the review of documents and the application of interviews to project leaders and those responsible for the planning areas of the Hidalgo Technological Universities, functional requirements were collected that gave rise to the design of the information management model. Subsequently, in a theoretical manner, the model was evaluated by a group of experts through Delphi and Kendall statistical methods to determine the degree of global concordance of the model. The results showed that there is a significant relationship between the objectives of the Annual Operating Program and the Institutional Development Program, as well as a connection between the degree of specificity with which the Annual Operating Program is elaborated and the fulfillment of the goals of the substantive and administrative functions of these institutions. The relevance of the model lies in the fact that it allows an adequate linkage between objectives, goals, resources, and short-, medium-, and long-term needs, making it possible to establish budgets at a detailed item level, obtain disaggregated information, and facilitate information for decision making.


Keywords: information management model, short-term planning, annual operating program.

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