Research and Design on Test System for LoRa Tunnel Lighting Network Facilities

ZHOU Huaan, GU Longhui, ZHOU Shu, HE Xianggui, ZHOU Huamei


An automatic function test system for LoRa wireless tunnel lighting network devices was designed. It uses INSPEC configuration software as the development platform,and it can automatically complete function test and torture running for as many as 15 LoRa wireless network equipments at one time. It has the functions of inputting of system process parameters,real-time acquainting,calculating and processing,storaging,displaying,viewing and report form checking of test parameters,fault self-diagnosis and alarm etc. The circuit design of the test system was given,and the flow charts of function modules of the test system and the design methods and implementation principles of the key programs were described in detail. The correctness and high performance of the test system verified by the application result of nearly 10,000 sets of LoRa wireless tunnel lighting network equipment used by a company in Hunan.



Keywords: LoRa wireless network facilities,  INSPEC,  functional testing,  automatic test systems

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