The Influence of Communication, Cohesiveness, and Leadership on the Performance of Subject Teachers at MAN 2 Purwokerto

Muh. Hizbul Muflihin


This study aims to determine the effects of communication, cohesiveness, and leadership on subject teacher performance at MAN 2 Purwokerto. For the research method with a quantitative approach, the population of all MAN 2 teachers totaled 100. The sample is 50 people. The data were collected through questionnaires. Variables are defined in several indicators. The results were processed and analyzed using a two-way ANOVA analysis involving three independent variables, namely the influence of communication (X1), cohesiveness (X2), and leadership (X3), as well as one dependent variable subject teacher performance (Y). Based on the results of the analysis, there is an influence of communication, cohesiveness, and leadership on subject teacher performance. Thus, it can be concluded that partial communication has a positive and significant effect on the performance of subject teachers. Partially, integration has a positive and significant effect on the performance of subject teachers. Partially, leadership, communication, cohesiveness, and leadership have a positive and significant effect of 0.055% on the performance of subject teachers. Then, there are 90% of the variables that affect the performance of subject teachers at MAN 2 Purwokerto.


Keywords: communication, cohesiveness, leadership, teacher.

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