A Characterization Method for Standard Cell Library at Near-Threshold Voltage

HU Wei, AN Benting, YUAN Jia


  According to the actual application of a standard library cell operating in the near-threshold voltage region,and due to the problem of large error in the lookup table of traditional library files,this paper proposed a method to characterize the standard cell in near-threshold voltage region. The method redefined the boundary of the lookup table by analyzing the actual application of standard cell in near-threshold voltage,and by analyzing the relative error between the circuit synthesis result and circuit simulation result,it re-determined the scale of the lookup table,in order to improve the accuracy of standard cell library in near-threshold voltage region. This method was then used to characterize the smic55nm CMOS process library file in 0.6 V voltage and evaluate the relative error,and the results show that when compared to the library file established by traditional characterize method,the proposed method improved the library file's accuracy by 16%~63.51%,reduced the error of lookup table,and effectively improved the accuracy of library file.



Keywords: near-threshold,  standard cell library,  look-up table,  liberty file

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