Assessment of a Tidal Marsh Irrigation Area Based on the PAKSI-PU

Mardiah, Lily Montarcih Limantara, Moh. Sholichin, Tri Budi Prayogo


This research intends to investigate the evaluation of existing tidal marsh irrigation areas based on the PAKSI-PU currently in effect in Indonesia. However, the tidal marsh irrigation is needed for the modeling of tidal marsh irrigation performance, which is necessary for developing this type of irrigation. This research is conducted in Terantang irrigation area, South Borneo Province, Indonesia. The methodology consists of literature study for determining the reliability condition of infrastructure facilities; survey or reliability parameter measuring water supply, irrigation management, management institutions, and human resources; and verification of survey or measurement results. The performance of an irrigation area is an indication in the scheme to illustrate the management of irrigation system and based on the performance indexes of the irrigation facilities after the development and rehabilitation. Generally, the development of tidal marsh in the future has to meet three conditions that are technically is easy to be implemented and can be accepted by society, economically is feasible and profitable and does not damage the environment so the natural resources is remain maintained. The result shows that based on the recommendation of the document, if it is reviewed from the performance condition and classification which the criteria due to the excellent performance is from 80 until 100%, good performance is from 70 until 80%, less performance is from 55 until 70%, and bad performance is less than 55%; so there is about 93.6% of 70 unit of IKSI data is in the condition of less until bad; only 6.4% is in the good performance. These results are very needed to support the tidal marsh irrigation performance.


Keywords: assessment, tidal marsh, Terantang, PAKSI-PU.

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