Systemic Quality Management Processes in Construction Projects

Kaoutar Ghafiki, Benaissa Kissi, Hassan Aaya


This research is part of the quality approach of a construction company. It aims to make the assessment of quality management for a real construction project, this assessment will be done through the analysis of the database of the company and the documentation established during the realization of the site. Obtaining quality in construction will always remain problematic, in the absence of monitoring of construction work, defects in the execution may appear and affect the durability, stability, and aesthetic appearance of the built work. The non-quality can affect the project from the design and study phase, through the course of the work to the commissioning of the project. Hence, the need for quality control in the successive phases of design and construction, an analysis of the issues, and a description of the quality system can formalize the requirements of sustainable adequacy of works to ensure that the project requirements are constantly met according to the ISO 9001 and Moroccan standards of construction. A formalized risk management tool for non-conformities previously encountered on site is implemented to put into practice the theoretical and methodological approach proposed in several case studies. The current study develops an operational quality management process for the company, to identify non-conformities, qualify, and quantify them. This tool could become a powerful communication tool for all actors and a real decision support tool within the companies. Indeed, complex construction projects present enriching experiences to better master the economy, technique, design, construction, and maintenance. The future of this type of innovative projects depends on better collaboration between the parties to share responsibilities and risks.


Keywords: quality management, construction site, non-compliance, formalized process, ISO 9001.

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