Seismic Performance of RC Frames Considering SSI Effect and Stiffness of Infill Wall

BANG Haidong, LIU Ju


In this paper, a 10-story RC frame structure satisfying the current design codes was taken as a study example, and the structural response regulation under different site condition subjected to earthquake actions was simulated and calculated by SAP2000. Four kinds of cases namely considering the rigid foundation assumption without the influence of stiffness effects of the infill walls, soil-structure interaction without the influence of the stiffness effects of the infill walls, rigid foundation assumption together with the influence of the stiffness effects of the infill walls, and soil-structure interaction together with the influence of the stiffness effects of the infill walls, were examined in the dynamic time history analysis, respectively, and the seismic performance of this structure was studied comparatively. The comparison of the results showed that: (1) For the RC frame structure under rare earthquakes, considering the SSI effect with the stiffness of infill walls has negative influence on the structural response of the inter layer drift ratio. The structure with the rigid foundation assumption is not safe when the stiffness effect of the infill walls is not considered.(2)For structural collapse analysis, considering the stiffness effect of the infill walls with the SSI effect obviously generates the structural plastic deformation concentrated on the bottom story and decreases the peak values of the collapsed structure. The softer site soil results in the lower peak values of the collapse. It is suggested that designers should increase the ductility of columns to ensure the deformation demands under seismic action.



Keywords: soil-structure interaction,  infill wall,  RC frame structure

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