The Impact of Counseling on Drug Adherence in Hypertensive Patients at Tertiary Care Hospital in Larkana, Sindh

Sajid Ali, Jaghat Ram, M. Hashim Kalwar, Asif Ali, Muhammad Siddique Rajput, Arslan Ahmer, Muhammad Aslam Abbasi, Ayaz Ali Khan


This study aimed to monitor the impact of counseling on adherence in hypertensive patients. Patient adherence was measured using the Hill-Bone medication adherence scale; non-adherent participants were counseled regarding antihypertensive medicines. The counseling impact was measured among enrolled participants. Most participants were male (n = 135), and only five were transgender. 52% of patients were from rural areas, and 48% were from urban areas. The 70 participants were intermediate and passed only 23. 38% of study participants were unemployed, while 26% were government employees. The 116 patients were 61–70 years old, while only 29 participants were 71–80. 33% of participants were prescribed 5 drugs, whereas no reported patient was prescribed one drug. Extremely low adherence was observed before counseling, whereas excellent results were achieved after patient counseling regarding antihypertensive medicines. To date, no study exists to measure adherence to antihypertensive medications. This study will help the doctors to counsel the patients so that patients will take the medications according to the prescription. The adherence rate of hypertensive patients can be improved if the patients are properly counseled regarding antihypertensive medicines.  


Keywords: adherence, counseling, hypertension.

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