An Innovative Prediction of Link Failure and Node Lifetime in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Using Grey Wolf Optimization

Anil Kumar Bandani, Makam Venkata Subramanyam, Kodati Satya Prasad


The Path Restoration System in Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) was tough due to the changing environment. Data packets are lost if a link is broken while delivering information, and the system is vulnerable to various assaults. Considering this, we propose the Grey Wolf Optimization technique (GWO) to predict connection failure, link and node lifetime before broadcasting packets to avoid packet loss. To define the path, we used the Route Information Protocol (RIP). Following that, GWO is manually played; with this method, this research forecasts the node and lifetime, and achieves a packet delivery ratio of 0.7. The proposed Gray-Wolf algorithm achieves an efficient packet transmission rate and improves the early detection of links and node lifetimes to maintain path stability for data transmission. The proposed model reduces end-to-end delay, overhead, and packet drop. It improves the residual energy of nodes and the packet delivery ratio. Grey Wolf Optimization is one of many examining boosting methods activated by the grouping within the wolf family and the special hunting techniques used by grey wolves. As a result, the Grey Wolf optimization method was used to find the optimal result by mocking the overall characteristics of the grey wolf colony.


Keywords: mobile ad hoc network, Grey Wolf Optimization technique, route information protocol, node, lifetime, link failure, packet delivery ratio.

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