Seismic Performance of Tridimensional Parking Structure and Parameter Optimization of Horizontal Damping Support

HE Yongjun, CONG Ziche, ZHOU Xuhong


  The originally developed horizontal damping support was applied to the high-rise tridimensional parking structure. The plane shear angle of the parking zone and lifting zone under the horizontal excitation was taken as the performance index. A parametric model of a 15-floors tridimensional parking structure was established by APDL language of ANSYS. Based on the dynamic time history analysis,the effects of the supporting bar layout,damping coefficient and energy loss coefficient of the visco-elastic material on response control of horizontal damping support were studied. After comparison and analysis,the optimal level of horizontal damping support parameters was determined. The results showed that when the optimal supporting bar layout was applied,the damping coefficient was 200 kN·s/m,energy loss coefficient was 5.0,and the peak plane shear angle of the parking zone under different two-dimensional seismic waves was decreased by 65.67% ,51.72% and 51.59% respectively,while the peak plane shear angle of the lifting zone was reduced by 73.23% ,72.51% and 75.36%.Meanwhile,the synchronization of the beam and column deformation in the structure plane was enhanced,the working environment stability of the lifting equipment was improved significantly,and the horizontal damping support was in good working condition. The results provide significant guideline for the application of visco-elastic damper to the high-rise parking structure and the design of high-rise tridimensional parking structure.


Keywords: tridimensional parking structure,  visco-elastic damper,  response control,  parameter optimization

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